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WHEREAS, the Illinois Supreme Court has adopted a Policy on Portable Electronic
Devices (PEDs);
WHEREAS, said Policy defines PEDs to include personal computers, tablet computers,
mobile phones, electronic calendars, e-book readers, smart watches and similar devices;

WHEREAS, the Policy respects the interest and needs of people who enter the courtroom while recognizing and serving the needs to maintain order and safety.

WHEREAS, the Policy requires courthouse to adopt a local Order consistent with the
Supreme Court Order and that said local Order be posted at courthouses, including at its
entrance, at the Circuit Clerk’s Office and at each courtroom entrance.


  1. Any person may bring PEDs into the Douglas County Courthouse. They must always be turned off or on “silent” mode.
  2. PEDs may be used in common areas including lobbies and hallways as long as it
    a) does not disrupt others, b) does not interfere with operations of Courthouse
    business and c) does not threaten the safety and security of others. Headphones must be used to listen to music. Even in common areas, PEDs may not be used to
    photograph or record litigants and/or witnesses without their permission and then
    only in case of permission.
  3. No person may use a PED in a courtroom. The ONLY exception, is that the Judge may allow lawyers, parties, self-represented persons, witnesses and the press to use a PED to check calendars, present case-related information or for some other specific purpose.
  4. Attorneys should advise their clients, witnesses and support staff about this Order.
  5. No person may take photographs or audio or video recordings except as authorized by Illinois Supreme Court Rule 44 or Sixth Circuit Administrative order 2013-5
    (Extended Media Coverage).
  6. No person may use a PED to communicate or attempt to communicate with a
    potential juror or to harass, intimidate or communicate about given testimony with
    any witness at any time.
  7. No camera, video camera, video recording equipment and recording devices are
    allowed in the courthouse except as permitted by a Judge for ceremonial events such as marriages, investitures, graduations from problem solving courts or as authorized by Illinois Supreme Court Rule 44 or Sixth Circuit Administrative Order 2013-5 (Extended Media Coverage).
  8. Anyone violating this Policy may be removed from the Courthouse, found in Contempt of Court or subject to other penalties under the law. A PED may be confiscated and held until the possessor leaves the Courthouse. Court personnel shall not be held responsible or liable for any damage to or loss of a confiscated item.
  9. This Order is effective 2/15/2022

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