Supervisor of Assessments/CCAO

Cynthia Baer

  • Fax:217-253-9301
  • Address:Douglas County Supervisor of Assessments
    401 S. Center, Room 103
    Tuscola, IL 61953

A list of the current fees for building permits in Douglas County.

  1. Verify if property is a floodplain. This may be done in the Supervisor of Assessments Office. If property is in a floodplain, additional permits may be required. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Army Corps of Engineers may have jurisdiction over your area. Construction in a floodplain may require a Flood Elevation Certificate by a registered professional engineer or architect.  Additional information is available in this office.
  2. Complete entire application. Incomplete applications will delay issuing the building permit. A sketch of the proposed construction site must be included. The sketch should include the dimensions of the proposed construction and the location of any road and the setback from the center of the road to the face of the proposed building. This drawing does not have to be to scale, but must be submitted. A page is provided for this. Also, sketch the placement of the building on the aerial photo, which can be provided by contacting the Douglas County Supervisor of Assessments office.
  3. Verify setback requirements:
    • State Highway: 100′
    • County Highway: 85′
    • Township: 70′
  4. Anyone requesting a building permit on a new site that will have waste water output that does not have access to sanitary sewer, must have a soil evaluation. The soil evaluation must be submitted to the Douglas County Health Department and be approved before a building permit may be issued by the Supervisor of Assessments.
  5. Anyone with building additions that have added bedrooms must be notified of seepage change requirements. Information is provided and referral to the health department will be made upon receipt of the application.
  6. For more information concerning Septic or Well inspections, please call Amanda Minor at the Douglas County Health Department, 253-4137. The Health Department is located at 1250E US Hwy 36, Tuscola, IL.
  7. Call the Douglas County Supervisor of Assessments office to verify any fees that may be applicable.
  8. Return applications to:

    Douglas County Supervisor of Assessments
    401 S. Center Room103
    Tuscola, IL 61953
  9. After the application has been approved, and fees collected, the permit can be mailed or you may pick the permit up at our office. Make all checks payable to Douglas County.